ML66: Erin Gilrein & Jennifer Wolfe (Teacher Leaders – Part 1)

August 20, 2017 Lily 2 comments

First of a two-part interview with a powerful teacher-leadership team, Erin Gilrein & Jennifer Wolfe. Meet an extrovert who is in total sync with an introvert – “it’s a ying/yang” thing. Their journey is intentional, effective, compassionate and empowering…Don’t miss this.

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2 Comments on “ML66: Erin Gilrein & Jennifer Wolfe (Teacher Leaders – Part 1)

  1. My son was fortunate enough to have the teaching duo! they really gave him a great experience! Oceanside School is fortunate to have them!

  2. These two brilliant educators have done so much to elevate the teaching profession! They are so smart, passionate, and committed to spreading teacher leadership. The unique quality Jenn and Erin embody is humility. This work is not about “them”, but about the students we all serve. I have had the honor and privilege of working with them, and they are the real deal!

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