ML81: Mark Missigman (Excecutive Director – John Maxwell Team)

December 2, 2017 Lily 2 comments

Mark Missigman truly is a servant leader as he lead while serving in the U.S. Navy and in private industry. Lean in to learn more about his journey and find out why having integrity is key in leadership.

For More Info: Mark Missigman, Executive Director – John Maxwell Team

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2 Comments on “ML81: Mark Missigman (Excecutive Director – John Maxwell Team)

  1. Thank you Lily, this is truly remarkable work that you do for the teaching community. I am honored and humbled that you would ask me to do this for you and the community. I hope that the time spent adds value to your listeners and followers as a service to them. That is my passion and purpose; to serve others.

    Grateful and thankful

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